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Hello Bandisoft.com

This was my first time using Bandicam and I've tested it with Crysis 2 & Windows7.

Here are a few suggestions for Bandicam..

1) Ability of saving your own Video Presets
2) Ability of minimizing Bandicam to Taskbar vs Tray
3) Ability of Preview & Creating Annotations for Video Clips/Images
4) Ability of Recording selectable Window Objects vs Rectangle
5) Ability of Numbered Output Images vs Dates
6) Ability of using Custom Output Sizes for Images
7) Ability of creating "Thumbnail Contact Sheets" ie: 5x5/4x6/6x6
8) Ability of adding Background Music for Videos
9) Add functions such as Cut/Merge/Preview/Convert
10) Codecs seems very limited but works for me
11) Install filters within appfolder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bandicam"
12) Compile an native 64bit version of Bandicam
13) Offer free licenses for Translators
14) Offer an discount for GAOTD users =)

All the best, Bionic

Bionic , 10.05.2011, 22:15
Idea status: under consideration


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